Monday, December 26, 2005

Tambahan kepada wish-list..

Additional items to yesterday's wish-list.

In case pi Bodyshop, here are the list of items (kalu murah la)

Sheer Sparkle Gloss- Raspberry

Yang kat bawah ni kalau kat sini harga RM30. Kalau harga not cheaper than that, takyah la beli.

0.14 oz. Lip Color 42 Dusk Pink
0.14 oz. Lip Color 23 Fawn Pearl

Ni additional list of Timberland (for kids) ;

Above image is kasut utk budak2. Kalau murah beli 2, saiz sama macam Mira's, and sepasang lagi one size smaller. Kalau takde macam gambar atas tu, beli yg sama macam Mira/ Anis? punye yg kaler biru, the one you bought yesterday.

Ni Baqi suruh post kan gambar kasut die nak; Adidas or Diadora

Diadora Mythos 330 DA2 03 Men or Adidas ClimaCool Rotterdam II Men

Baqi cakap kalau murah. Kalau tak murah takyah beli langsung... biar die takde kasut.. hahaha. (kidding)


Friday, December 23, 2005

Wish-list from Bangi

I have a brother and a sister-in-law in Yorkshire, UK. This coming January, they will be shipping some items through their friend who'll be back for good. Among them are our items which were left back in UK due to excessive luggage during our visit last May.

Jalan2 cari makan..

On top of that, we request for some other items, knowing thay they will shop till you drop on the Boxing day right after Christmas.

So Kak Lin & Din, here they are;

Timberland for her (saiz sama dgn kak lin) ;

Timberland for him (saiz 8M) ;

Images above are click-able for larger view. Kalau takde macam tu, anything similar should be ok. Barang lain kalau nak tambah ok jugak, in case sempat pi car-boot sale. We'll appreciate any additional of ;

  • Children's books
  • Recipes books
  • Home-deco / garden books
  • Flower arrangement books
  • Other useful books
  • Bells
  • Toys

Costs will be transferred to your preferred account. Haha cam bank la pulak. By the way, thank you in advance.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy Sunday..

So far we had not being productive these 2 days. Rilek2 tak buat ape2.. Rumah pun tak kemas lagi.. Lunch pun tak masak hari ni. Lucky we were invited for a kenduri kesyukuran by our neighbour. Haha.. sungguh malas.

The only thing that I think was quite fruitful was, we went to Pasar Borong Selangor to buy some groceries. That was early in the morning. After done with our business in the wet market, our attention was diverted by the nursery nearby. Borong pokok lagi.. Here are some of the verdicts. (Click on the image for a larger view)

Our brand new light purple & dark purple Petunias

Talk about petunias, the husband was always dreaming of having these kind of flowers. At last, mission accomplished. Other that that, we bought other kind of flowers which I dont know the name, but was told it was a family of cactus. Whatever..

The I-dont-know-the-name flowers

Then after having my home-cooked mee goreng mamak, the husband wanted to do some gardening, with the daughter as the assistant.

Husna tengah tolong kacau babah..

Pokok ni masa beli banyak bunga. Bila kitorang bela takde lak bunga die.. hampeh.. So the husband replaced the soil, helped by Husna, after we discovered some worms in the soil. Maybe they were the culprit all this while yg menyebabkan bunga2 tu pupus.

Tadaa.. Look at my hands..

Come to think again, our weekend was not that unfruitful. How about your weekends?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Busy as bee..

Today we were busy. After I finished cooking mihun goreng for breakfast, the husband coming downstairs without his office attire.

I : Eh tak keje ke hari ni?
H: Macam malas. Jom EL..
I : Hurmm..

The husband was suppose to attend a meeting today at his office. But he dont like the meeting. I have 2 meetings to attend. But ponteng EL once in a while pun ok gak.

So today activities were;

While in Alamanda, we stumbled upon 2 Ninja Turtles. Managed to snap few photos with them.

Haikal with one of the Ninja. Muka cuak je..

The kids are having a good time playing at the Little Buds.

And few times riding the merry go round..

Then I remember of Husna's request to has her ears pierced, same like Mama's.
M : Nak ke ear-rings macam Mama?
H : Nak..
M : Nanti sakit sikit. Boleh tak?
H : Okay..

Then we get into Tomei to have the shot. She chose the green studded earrings. Ok.. ready..

After spraying on both ears, here we go.. One, two, three, go! She didnt even flinched. That's my girl..

Yeah.. Now I'm a big girl...

Now all smiles.. time to eat..

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Taman..

This is our taman... in front of our house which actually 'sekangkang kera' aje.

This is the kuchai which were re-planted by my mother. Dah besar nanti, senang nak buat cekodok..

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The 'Datin'

Yesterday was quite hectic for me. My mother wanted to re-plant our pokok kuchai and also the orchid she brought from kampung. So she need a few new flower pots. Off we go to the nearest nursery to get all her needs. The first nursery which I know, to my disappointment, was closed, forever. I think the site was confiscated or bought over for other construction works.

Then we went to the second nursery. Too expensive. I dont know that a plastic pot for that size can cost so much, at RM60. Then the third nursery, which will be the last option, since I dont know the way to other nursery (we have quite a lot nurseries in Bangi). The price quite okay, except that they dont have plastic pot. While looking around, the employee asked me;

E : You ni datin ka?
I : No, why?
E : Sini selalu dato & datin datang. You look like one of them.
I : Haha ya ka. Ok la kalau nak panggil datin pon boleh jugak..

My mother and I burst into laughters. Saje je nak jek org la tu suruh beli pasu die.

At last we bought 5 pots and 13 bags of soil.

Yesterday, my mother & sister manage to organise our long-abandoned plants & flowers. Will take few photos tomorrow.

Ahem.. the 'Datin'

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Doorless for 2 years

At last, our store has a door, that was after 2 years of being doorless. The door was actually recycled from our main entrance door, which was 'dikopak' after my kids trapped inside the house while my daily-maid-cum-babysitter was outside hanging the laundry. Husna way playfully locked the door from inside, by pushing the lock button, which to the maid's horror since Husna was not big enough to know how to open the door. Luckily, there were few contractors doing some renovation in my neighbourhood. They came to the rescue by ruining my door. At least I get a new solid wood door instead of that 'macam-pintu-bilik-air' door. Next project will be painting the door or put the leftover wallpaper, which to be decided later (tu pun kalau rajin).

The completed DIY project

The kids were asleep, without having their dinner. Poor my babies. Too exhausted I think, without getting their normal day sleep, since too busy messing around together. I just done with cleaning up the spilled slurpee in front of the TV, which was actually a full cup of slurpee. Husna calling up for me while I'm in the kitchen, to report on the incident by Adik. Nowadays, any misconduct was always being blamed on Adik. Sometimes I wonder, on whether the culprit was really Adik, or because Adik is not big enough to report anything to me or to defend himself. (jadik kambing hitam for Husna.. haha)

Tonight, we are having macaroni bolognaise for dinner.


Tomorrow, my family from kampung will be coming to our house. Next week, on Wednesday to be exact, my maid will be having her 3 weeks leave. Back to Jawa, Indonesia. That's the reason my family will be here, beside the school holidays.

Okay, have to do some house-cleaning . Have a nice Sunday..

Friday, December 09, 2005

Our new toy

Guess what, yesterday, the new toy was delivered to our doorstep. After much deliberation, at last we decided to buy the much awaited black box, which makes my money reduced by RM xxx.

After browsing around during PC fair at KLCC on Friday last week, then we decided to settle on DELL.

On top of that, the husband bought the wireless AP for the house, to complement the Streamyx which was installed last 2 weeks.

Now, both of us have no reason to stay back late at the office. Pretty good deal..

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cuti-cuti Indonesia

Today, Air Asia starts their promotion on 2 mil free seats for all destinations. Ignoring all the workloads, I start browsing the website for available seats for my first choice of destination, that is Langkawi. Have been to Langkawi before, but feels like going there again. You see, most of my collection of dishes, especially spoons have been MIA, so I see there's need for another round of shopping for kitchen appliances (alasan je nih.. ).

So here I am, booking for RM 0.00 return flight tickets to Langkawi for 4 person. I still can see the free ticket for the date that I set, but only manage to see error page each time I tried booking. Get an upgrade la Air Asia, I think the servers cannot sustain the many concurrent users trying to get through. After the umpteenth time trying, the free tickets are gone. Dah jadi RM9.90 la pulak.. ciss.. Must be somebody have got the free tickets, while I tried unsuccessfully.

Okay, change plan. I look for other option, well Bandung is not a bad idea. I tried booking, but the same error page. Hampeh sungguh. After almost 2 hours trying, after my fingers are like numb, then finally I manage to secure the RM0.00 tickets to Bandung. Even the tickets are advertised as free, but you still have to pay for the taxes which for me it cost around RM 500++ (for 4 person).

So we will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary oversea. haha..

So, have you book your Air Asia free ticket ? Asia Asia, now everyone can fly..

Streamyx for sale..

Last night, my husband went to one of our neighbour's house for a discussion on security issue of our housing area. I managed to persuade him to bring along streamyx forms to be distributed among our neigbours. Hmm.. talk about company loyalty. I should get 5 for my KPI this year.. haha..

My daughter begging to tag along with the father. She hastily get dressed and ready to go. My conversation with Husna..

M : Pi bilik air dulu.. nanti kat rumah org susah kalau nak kencing..
H : Kat rumah orang pun ada bilik air jugak.. boleh aje..
M : * sigh *

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

3 times toll

Am thinking of blogging this event last week. We went for a wedding of Azhar's cousin last two weeks at Batu Pahat. Such a tiring journey of 2 1/2 hours, since we just had our Aidilfitri open house the day before, and the next morning having to rush to the wedding without actually finish cleaning up the mess. (Our last guest leaving at 12 midnight, and I was too tired for any dirty work - that was to do the dishwashing and whatnots).

So, we arrived at the kenduri around 1 pm, and straightly headed toward the lunch buffet.

Shortly after devouring the lunch, it was time for the arrival of the groom. Such an exciting experience for onlookers, since the groom was stopped for 3 times for the toll giving, and for each stop, I can see there were more than 10 eager hands waiting for the angpow. Kopak la pengapit pengantin tuh..

Makcik2 tgh tawar menawar Berebut2 ang pow

Nak duduk kerusi pengantin pun kena toll lagi sekali. First, upon entering the house compund, then upon entering the house and finally at the pelamin. This is Johor's culture I think. We dont have such thing during my wedding at Pahang. But I wonder, even during kenduri at Azhar's side at Johor, there was no toll either. So my conclusion will be, the toll giving only applicable at Johor, but only at the bride's side.

Azhar and I were given the privilege to do the 'tepung tawar' on the pengantin. Quite an experience for me since this is my first time having to hold an egg to be kissed by the bride & groom.

Then comes the much-waited event for the kids, which was 'tossing sweets' or baling gula gula. I didnt expect it to come, and to my surprise, they throw coins as well, which I only discovered when the coin hit my forehead. Ow, that hurts. Lucky the coins didnt reach my kid's skin. Neverthless, beside the various sweets, I manage to collect RM 1.40. Not bad eh. (Actually berebut rebut dgn budak2.. haha)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's weekend at last..

This week, I spent most of my working time at MMC for a network training. (MMC was previously known as TTC - a fact that only known to me after quite a search - pity me) . The training was suppose to start on Monday until Thursday. Unfortunately (or fortunately.. haha ), the training on Monday was cancelled, which to our dismay,we are only being informed after almost 2 hours waiting impatiently for the trainer to pop into the classroom. What else to do? Not left with much choices, to either go back to the office at Cyberjaya (huh) or continue with donating our money at Jalan TAR nearby.. haha.. So most of the girls opt for option no 2, while the rest are heading towards Cyberjaya ( or home?). The result, see picture below...

The outcome of spending the day at Kedai Kain at Jalan TAR

Hmm ok la.. baju raya for Raya Haji next month.

The training on Monday was replaced on Friday. However, I skipped the class , since I was invited for a Bicara Minda with Dato Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil at Pan Pacific KL. Aside from the lavish food, the agenda was basically a Q&A session with the Dato Seri. Quite a fruitful event, especially to those who are keen on networking with important people (Mind you, those who are coming are mostly the Datins, Profs & Dr), except that it was shorten due to the fact that Dato Shahrizat was rushing for another event at Pengkalan Pasir ( to campaign for the upcoming small election). My collegue was one of the people who threw the question/suggestion which was, on making it compulsory for company to have a Daycare / Nursery at the office building, for the sake of mothers who like having the kids in the vicinity of the office. Bravo K Aini..

(Fact : The program of having Daycare at the office was already being campaigned long before, which one of the benefit is the company will be waived of RM50k of tax. The problem is, most companies don't wanna have it, for reason known only to them)

So, today is Saturday. Until now, I can't think of any useful work I've done so far at home, except washing piles of clothes for 2 rounds, but only managed to hang half of them because it seems like the rain is coming (or actually malas nak sidai.. haha). Ok now, got to hang the rest of the clothes to dry outside, or else having it doubled tomorrow.

Note : I' ve updated my fotopages with more photos of ITTM gathering.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Flu everywhere

The three of us ( me and the kids) are having a bad flu these few days *sigh*. The house is almost running out of tissues. And the hubby is busy complaining on the wet tissues strewn everywhere. On the sofa, under the sofa, on the table, etc.. hihihi

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We're having a party - ITTM95 gathering

The DAY - 27 November 2005
We were having a good time reunioning (ade ke word nih? belasah je la). Ramai gak yg datang. Host of the party (guess who? - yours truly), masak fried seafood macaroni dgn prepare air bandung aje, aside from menyediakan infrastructure ( space & kemudahan asas termasuk tempat melabur , haha). Luckily, it was a pot luck party. (Lega tuan rumah..)

Jejaka2 ITTM

Sally, Ayu, Ira, Noral & Mena tgh busy mengupdate latest gossip

The first to arrive was Sally & her daughter, and the last person leaving were Bai, Taiko, Bisu & Giant.

Here's the list of events...And the award goes to..

  • Makanan paling cepat abis - Sate (Sally & Ameen)
  • Makanan paling byk tak abis - Mihun goreng (Mat Kent)
  • Makanan yg ramai tak pernah rasa - Buah Dragon (Arip)
  • Anak paling ramai - Pakdin (3 org)
  • Ibu paling vogue - Sally
  • (Not yet) bapa paling vogue - Tip the Superhero
  • Paling byk di tapau - Air Botol Lemon Tea (Sape bawak hah? Sampai berebut2 nak bwk balik)
  • Budak paling independent - Anak Mat Kent
  • Budak paling dependent - Anak Pakdin
  • Makanan home-made yg bukan dimasak sendiri - Sambal Goreng (Mak Mel yg masak :P)
  • Makanan yg paling kena umpat - Lemang beli kat tepi jalan by Mohen

The organizer - Gee & Mel

More photos will be uploaded into my fotopages (bila nak upload eh?). Despite all the cleaning aftermath, (done by yours truly and the gang - tu pun on the next day ), I can say the reunion was a success, and hope to see more of this in the future (rumah sape ye pulak lepas nih?) Anyone?

Note : Blog ni baru je di update setelah setahun terbengkalai