Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random notes

Thought of posting things tapi sangat malas so few updates dah jadik basi..

..of school holidays (yg paling basi :))

We went to Taiping for a short vacation, and off to Penang for a fren's wedding. The kids were enjoying themselves especially splashing time in the hotel's pool. And not forgetting the trip to Zoo Taiping. We skip the night safari though, sbb by the time malam, semua org dah penat.

Fun in the pool at the hotel.

A photo shoot with the phyton for the 3rd time.

The after-effect. make believe zoo at home. hehe..


.. of works
am thinking of switching my job. saw the advert in the email. i like my current job, i like the environment & frens (read :comfort zone), tapi dah agak tepu & bosan dgn other dept yg susah nak cooperate. Tapi dlm dok contemplating nak apply ke tak, tengok2 dah expired la pulak job offer tu. haih..
Anyway, we'll be moving office coming next months, nearer to IKEA, hehe. boleh car pool with hubby. boleh jimat. * Haikal cakap Hagemaru dgn mak dia suka jimat*. but we'll be having few hot-desks here and there. Bos ckp boleh pilih nak keje kat mana2.. hehe..

.. of Husna's report card

i take a day off for her report card day, planning with babah to take the kids to watch Transformers after that, tapi babah kena cancel cuti lak sbb pi workshop. Luckily he managed to skip a few hours to join me at Husna's school. I didnt expect much from Husna, since it's her first exam. bila suruh study, dia cakap ' nak buat ape, semua tu kakak dah tau'. hmm ok.. yet to adapt to the concept of exam kot.. Anyway, kakak was doing just great , she got 5th place in her class. Ok la tu.. since i saw the difference between her and the 1st place is only 4 marks.. I think die banyak buang masa pi kaler semua gambar2 kat dalam soalan exam tu, so bila la pulak nak semak all her answers.

used to be my little girl.. not so little anymore.

.. of Humaira

Humaira now is already 4 months plus.. yet to get her 3rd injection next week. Why 3rd? because i missed her 2 months injection.. and so her 2nd was done on her 3rd months, and 3rd injection will be done on her 4th months. talk about byk saraf putus masa beranak.. excuses.. hehe.. camne tah boleh lupa. syndrome anak ramai agaknya, so dah jadik less komited. Nasib bawak pi private klinik, kalu pi klinik gomen sure kena marah dgn misi.
Humaira dah pandai mengiring sikit, but sesekali je die buat. Maybe berat so need to pull more effort. I think her weight is almost 8 kg now..

my little girl..
.. of our big decision to make

we have a big plan, which also includes big $$. i pray for it to happen, and smoothly..

.. of my dekat tapi jauh big brother
my brother and his family, now in uk will be back for good after 6 years studying/working over there. yeay on behalf of my mother who will be the happiest person. double yeay for hubby's 3 pairs of clarks, but none for me :(


moh said...

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