Monday, May 04, 2009

Final week..

This week will be my final week of maternity leave. Sigh.. 2 months is not enough. The new bibik was pretty much okay to handle the baby. My only worry is for Haris to adjust being without me at home, since he still refuse to be with the maid.
I am lucky that Humaira is a very easy baby to handle. Milk, sleep, diaper change, milk , sleep. Very less noise. I can still get enough sleep at night, which is good since I dont have to qada' the sleep during the day. Hehe..

Most of my days was spent browsing the internet, mostly window shopping @ebay, beside entertaining Haris and Humaira. I manage to bid few set of clothes & shoes for Humaira, shoes for Haikal, Jeans & Bag for me :D. Takleh tinggal shopping walaupun tgh pantang. Dahla dapat duit bonus & ESOS.. yeay! I even wake up in he middle of the night / subuh2 buta to bid the items.. haha.. My hubby dah get used of me bangun tgh2 mlm , and his question in the morning will always be 'menang ke bid malam tadi? hehe.. such a sport, love u !

Humaira sleeping peacefully, her clothes was bought @ebay.

My growing family, minus Haris who was sleeping.

My cheeky Haris, comot lepas ratah susu.

Nextweek : Workloads, here I come.. heh

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bukhairiah said...

montelnya bb...brp bulan tue... meh la jenjalan kt bukhairiah.blogspot