Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Few Updates

I was quiet for some time. Malas nak update. Anyway, here goes few events which I manage to recall at this moment;

Raya Haji @ Jengka

I called Balai Polis Jengka & Karak to make sure our route are flood-free. Nevertheless, traffic was very heavy the day before Raya. Budak2 semua dah restless. Supposedly the journey only takes 3 hours, but the traffic already bumper-to-bumper starting from KL lagi. We reached my house after 6 hours of driving. Sabar je la..

About Haris

I notice Haris' development was quite advanced compared to Kakak & Abang. By 4 months he can lie on his stomach unaided, then move forward commando-style by 5th months, managed to sit wiggly by 6th months, and crawl by 7 months, which was during Hari Raya Haji. One week after that, he can stand by holding on things. How time flies.

The kids started school

We registered the kids during the very last minutes, which was actually 3 days before school start. We intend to send both kids at the same school as Husna's last year, but there's transport problem. At last, the teacher agreed to sent the kids home. Problem solved.

So this is Husna's second year at the school, and on the other hand, totally new environment for Haikal. Nevertheless, Haikal was very cool on his first day of school, since he was always accompanied by Kakak, and he knows almost all Husna's friends & teachers. (Kakak balik sekolah selalu cerita, & dia pun selalu berangan pi sekolah & befriended Husna's friends - sort of Husna's friends were his imaginary friend).

Since there's no hassle, we left the kids at school early and went for windows shopping & lunchdate at Eastin - using free vouchers courtesy from the training I attended during Ramadhan last year .

Husna's Birthday Party

This year, my Husna has turned 6. We celebrated ala kadar je. It's a small gathering. Husna invited few of her friends at school, while we invited few close neighbours & friends. I baked Husna birthday cake, it's a Barbie Cake which the cake pan I bought at ebay. I bake my kids' birthday cake, it's another way to save. I cook few dishes like Spaghetti Marinara, Pizza & Mihun goreng, and accompanied by trifles as the desert. The day before, we pack some goodies for the kids.

It's exhausting, but we're happy to see she's happy.

Happy 6th birthday my sunshine!


Yan said...

oit!! Terror nya ko masak memasak!! IMPRESSIVE betul cake tuh! ;)

Iym said...

Thanks. Sesape pun boleh buat. belajar sendiri online jek.. :)

Yan said...

Iym ku! U've been tagged! U owe me 2 tags btw..:p